Vol 1: Islands

Islands. Sometimes you want to visit them, sometimes you want to leave them. But islands represent more than just hitting the road. They’re about connection and experiences. Exploration and discovery. They can be a feeling or a state of mind. A reality TV show or a band. This issue explores islands in all of their natural habitats. Our goal was to place Herschel Supply as part of a global community. We used the magazine to help reposition the brand, build a community and generate lasting ties with creatives and travellers. Working with our network was key to building Herschel’s global community. Vol 1: Islands — including a launch party on Echo Park’s island and a 1-800 number connecting callers to the sounds of island life.


  • Creative Directors Reanna Evoy, Vanda Daftari @ Super Bonjour
  • Editor Sacha Jackson
  • Featuring Imogene Barron, Ryan Daniel Browne, Eva Cremers, Natasha & Dino Forte, Michelle Maguire, Meaghan Way, Kelsey McClellan, Ashley Oliveri, Catherine Potvin, Marie H. Rainville, Houmi Sakata, Victoria Sieczka, Aileen Son, Oumayma Ben Tanfous, Stephanie Mercier Voyer, Stephen Wilde, ​​Nico Young